DSMS: Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System

Install DSMS to save your seawall and save thousands of dollars.

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Don’t Wait for your Seawall to Fail before Calling DSMS

Our revolutionary seawall maintenance system will straighten failing or crumbling seawalls; saving you from costly repairs. Once your seawall crumbles, it can cost you 10x to rebuild the wall you could have saved with a DSMS installation.

DSMS is non-invasive. It will not ruin your landscaping, and we can repair your seawall waterside and install in 1 – 2 business days.

Simple, easy, cost effective. Protect yourself, protect your seawall.

Prequalify and Save 10%

Watch how our seawall repair system works

DSMS is a revolutionary system for any commercial or residential property owner concerned about maintaining the useful life of their seawall. Replacing or maintaining a damaged seawall is time-consuming, costly, and invasive using traditional methods. By installing the DSMS system, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars without disturbing existing docks, infrastructure or landscaping.

Seawall repair for golf courses

DSMS is an unparalleled solution for golf courses. Sink holes by bulkheads can be a sign of imminent failure for your golf course’s seawall. The DSMS golf solution resolves this problem without disrupting your customers or revenue stream. You can learn more by viewing our Golf Video and our DSMS Golf Brochure.