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Santa Rosa Beach Florida, Seawall Repair

Our first application of DSMS went above and beyond all expectations. The customer called us about their seawalls under their homes which were failing. We were able to locate the DSMS system through our searches and it was the perfect candidate for the job. Jim was always readily available and extremely helpful throughout the process.

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Steel Seawall in Northern Michigan

The steel seawall at my lakefront cottage in Northern Michigan had failed and was leaning badly. This was due to poor construction by the original contractor, who failed to put support tiebacks in place. I had feared my only option was a complete replacement of the 80' of seawall and decking until I did some research and discovered DSMS. Working with a local contractor who agreed to take on the job, I was able to have the seawall repaired at less than 1/3 of what it would have cost to replace it. The owner of DSMS, James Timmerman, was basically [...]

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Capt. Sam Young Recommendation

...they installed the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System (DSMS) which uses a helix earth screw that is driven down at about a 45 degree angle which is tied into the seawall and the massive concrete cap every eight feet. No more tie backs, which make a mess of your property. The DSMS helix screws have an unmatched tensile strength so you can be certain that your new seawall is rock solid.

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