Our Seawall/Bulkhead Repair System

Threaded ends of the DSMS Eco Anchor provide “dynamic” advantage by allowing the tie back to be adjusted if necessary.

A proprietary, custom designed bolster plate is installed against the seawall. The DSMS Eco Anchor (a helix earth screw) has been used for years in other industries, but has been adapted to provide the required tensile load capacity unique to seawalls.

DSMS Eco Anchors are engineered to the specific requirements of each location. Standard Eco Anchors are 15’ long, 1” diameter shaft with 3 x 6” diameter helixes. Custom Eco Anchors are available as required.


DSMS Eco Anchor


DSMS Installation Model

How Our Process is Different

Traditional methods for installing tie backs involves adversely affecting yards, landscaping, docks and pool areas plus, there’s heavy machinery on your property for weeks and lengthy permitting requirements.

With DSMS, installations are performed from the waterside of the seawall so there’s no costly damage to your property and the installation time is days versus weeks.