DSMS is a system to repair seawalls installed by trusted contractors. We are not a seawall construction company.

However, some of the contractors that use DSMS to repair seawalls, also build and construct seawalls (bulkheads) and use DSMS during the building process.

If you need a full seawall construction, and would like to use DSMS in the process, we recommend the following contractors and seawall construction products.



Truline Seawall Manufacturer

Manufacturer of innovative Truline sheet piling to build the ultimate seawall and retaining wall system.

Truline Website

Truline seawall build. DSMS installation starts at 2:38.

Moore Docks Lifts, & Seawalls

Moore Docks Lifts, & Seawalls is a Marco Island based business proudly serving Marco Island, Goodland, and Isles of Capri. They are an Exclusive Dealer of Truline vinyl protected concrete seawalls, and IMM-Quality Boat Lifts.They have a very knowledgeable crew, and staff to assist you with your waterfront needs.They have the newest version of Computer Aided Drafting “C.A.D.” program to draw up your next dock, or reconfigure your existing. State of the art barges, cranes, and hammers to install docks more effectively, and efficiently.They offer many quality types of decking, and substructure to suit your individual dock needs. They can also work with you to custom build your next boat lift, making it unique, and more functional than traditional.

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