We are operating as normally as possible while following best practices for social distancing and sanitizing our hands, tools and work area. If you need emergency services, include installation of the minimum number of helical anchors to keep your failing seawall upright until the coronavirus security measures are lifted, and a longer term solution can be found, please let us know. Our solution is also the most cost effective way to prevent many seawalls from failing if you have been financially impacted during this crisis.

Stay safe, stay healthy. We’re here to help.

Seawall Repair

Do you want to straighten your leaning or crumbling seawall?

Our revolutionary seawall maintenance system will straighten failing or crumbling seawalls; saving you from costly repairs. Once your seawall crumbles, it can cost you 10x to rebuild the wall you could have saved with a DSMS installation. DSMS is non-invasive. It will not ruin your landscaping, and we can repair your seawall waterside and install in 1 – 2 business days.

Don’t wait for your seawall to fail before installing DSMS.

Seawall Construction

Are you building a seawall and want to increase its strength with DSMS?

DSMS can also be installed during new construction to strengthen and extend the life of your seawall/bulkhead.