Fast, Effective, Lower Cost

Do you see cracks or soil erosion around your seawall (also referred to as a bulkhead)? This is a sign that you should have your seawall inspected for potential failure.

Anyone with a waterfront property knows their seawall is first line of defense from land erosion. Whether your bulkhead is made from concrete, vinyl, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass, our patented system can straighten a leaning seawall to keep your property safe.

Once your seawall crumbles, it can cost you 10x to rebuild the wall you could have saved with a DSMS installation.DSMS is non-invasive. It will not ruin your landscaping, and we can repair your seawall waterside and install in 1 – 2 business days.

DSMS Installation:

Easy, Waterside, Non-Invasive

Traditional Methods:

Destructive, Invasive, Expensive

DSMS Seawall Repair vs Traditional Seawall Rebuild

logo dsms 2 small Traditional Rebuild
Avg Installation Cost Difference (100′ wall) 1x 6x (or more) DSMS Cost