Fast, Effective, Lower Cost

Do you see cracks or soil erosion around your seawall (also referred to as a bulkhead)? This is a sign that you should have your seawall inspected for potential failure.

Anyone with a waterfront property knows their seawall is first line of defense from land erosion. Whether your bulkhead is made from concrete, vinyl, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass, our patented system can straighten a leaning seawall to keep your property safe.

Once your seawall crumbles, it can cost you 10x to rebuild the wall you could have saved with a DSMS installation.DSMS is non-invasive. It will not ruin your landscaping, and we can repair your seawall waterside and install in 1 – 2 business days.

DSMS Installation:

Easy, Waterside, Non-Invasive

Traditional Methods:

Destructive, Invasive, Expensive

DSMS Seawall Repair vs Traditional Seawall Rebuild

logo dsms 2 smallTraditional Rebuild
Avg Installation Cost Difference (100′ wall)1x6x (or more) DSMS Cost
Avg Installation Time (100′ wall)1-2 days15 – 30 days
Installation Start Time15 – 30 days60 – 90 days
Landscape DisruptionMinimal to no disruptionVery disruptive, invasive
Permitting ProcessExpedited in Florida and TexasRequired

DSMS Seawall Repair Review

“I’m writing to let you know how happy I am with the DSMS system you installed at my property on Toledo Bend lake….

…The system you installed not only saved me time and money, but I’m confident it will outlive me. Please feel free to use the photos from my sea wall repair in any way that might help others find your product.

Your DSMS system is so superior to the cable systems, I’m sure you will have great success in my area.”

Brian Bristow , Customer – Toledo Bend, Louisiana

dsms seawall before repair