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Steel Seawall in Northern Michigan

The steel seawall at my lakefront cottage in Northern Michigan had failed and was leaning badly. This was due to poor construction by the original contractor, who failed to put support tiebacks in place. I had feared my only option was a complete replacement of the 80' of seawall and decking until I did some research and discovered DSMS. Working with a local contractor who agreed to take on the job, I was able to have the seawall repaired at less than 1/3 of what it would have cost to replace it. The owner of DSMS, James Timmerman, was basically on call, and walked the contractor through the job every step of the way. It has been over one year since the job was completed, and despite a very harsh winter, the seawall has remained perfectly intact. I highly recommend DSMS as an effective and low cost option to replacing [...]

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Hurricane Irma

The DSMS owners and contractors live and work in Florida and the Texas Gulf Coast. We understand the destruction and devastation or Irma and Harvey first hand. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by these storms. We have touched base with our DSMS customers after these storms to learn how their seawalls have weathered. We are proud to report that all DSMS seawalls/bulkheads in Florida and Texas made it through these storms with no visible damage or soil erosion.

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Capt. Sam Young Recommendation

...they installed the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System (DSMS) which uses a helix earth screw that is driven down at about a 45 degree angle which is tied into the seawall and the massive concrete cap every eight feet. No more tie backs, which make a mess of your property. The DSMS helix screws have an unmatched tensile strength so you can be certain that your new seawall is rock solid.

August 30th, 2017|Categories: Customer Review|

Lake Ontario Flooding

The Lake Ontario shoreline has been taking on historical flooding for the past three months and our hearts go out to the resident’s in this area. While, in many areas along the Lake Ontario shoreline, no seawall could have fully protected the homes and property here, it is important to prepare for the future if you live on any coast. A strong, properly built seawall will literally protect your property from washing away. Make sure your seawall is inspected, reinforced, and ready to protect you from storms and flooding. Read more about the devastation in this area: Click here for full story. Photo credit: Democrat and Chronicle

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Greg Mann, Marine Construction Expert and Owner /Blue Marlin Marine Construction

“The shorter installation time plus the fact that you don’t have to tear up your yard, pool or decks makes the system far superior to traditional tie-back methods, in fact, as far as I’m concerned there is no other system.”   -- Greg Mann, Marine Construction Expert and Owner / Blue Marlin Marine Construction

January 28th, 2017|Categories: Customer Review|

Heyward Boyce, Civil Engineer

“I decided to have the system installed and moved forward with 6 anchors where cap cracking was observed. The job was completed in short order. It was obvious to me that the wall plates snugged up very firmly and that the helix screws had advanced into dense soil. Several years later I had the rest of the 160 foot seawall similarly strengthened with DSMS anchors, the wall continues to perform well and I have been able to avoid a very costly and disruptive replacement.” --Heyward Boyce, Civil Engineer

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Brian Bristow, Customer – Toledo Bend, Louisiana

Brian's Failing seawall before DSMS Brian's Repaired Seawall after DSMS Installation “I’m writing to let you know how happy I am with the DSMS system you installed at my property on Toledo Bend lake. As you know my wall was 6 years old and most if not all the originally installed deadman cables had rusted into. I of course went the typical route and got quotes from the local contractors in the Toledo Bend lake area. Each and every contractor I spoke with quoted to repair the sea wall using the same old cable system and offered the standard 1 to 2 year warranty associated with the cable deadman systems. I of course thought, If I spend that kind of money to repair my seawall, surely there should be a better warranty than 1 to 2 years. That’s when I started doing research which lead [...]

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Steven Wilson, Customer – Corpus Christi, Texas

“Extremely fast reply to my initial inquiry (45 minutes!!!!). A rep from Solid Foundation Systems (local DSMS company) was at my house within days! The OWNER of Solid Foundation was the one I dealt with. Scott Skipper is BY FAR the most honest, personable, and responsible business man I have dealt with EVER! He is a man of unparalleled integrity! Although it took several months to get to my job (yes, they are THAT good and busy),he kept me up to date constantly. He personally made several trips to my house to verify various aspects of the upcoming job. When he and his crew arrived there was no messing around. They attacked my retaining wall/bulkhead repair fast and even though there were a few unexpected difficulties (actually a bit of a mess due to previous owner “work”) Scott and Floyd never slowed down. The job took a bit longer than [...]

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5 Reasons to Install the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System Today!

Below is an article on DSMS by SlideMoor: --- Your client’s seawall is eroding, damaged and in desperate need of repair. You’re probably wondering what the best plan of action is before the problem progresses into a major and costly issue. Sure you could go rip out the dock and landscaping, call in the concrete trucks for the deadman, refill and reinforce the area, then put it all back together. But that’s a long, costly process that typically requires permitting, and will keep your team from working other jobs. Instead of the complex traditional route, try the patented Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System (DSMS) to repair your client’s sea wall. Here's why: 1. Simplicity The DSMS effectively helps stop erosion and repairs and reinforces seawalls without the typical hassles associated with conventional methods of moving docks, boat lifts, walkways, landscaping, and more. The Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System simply maneuvers [...]

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MITA Hosts seawall info seminar

08/03/2006 MITA hosts seawall info seminar By Andrea M. Galabinski The Marco Island Taxpayers Association recently hosted an informational meeting on seawall maintenance and repair. Pictured from left is Brian Gilmore, vice president of Collier Seawall & Dock; inventor James Timmerman; MITA president Dr. Fay Biles; and Greg Mann, owner of Blue Marlin Marine Construction. In light of an upcoming proposed city seawall ordinance, the Marco Island Taxpayer's Association (MITA) recently hosted an informational program on the maintenance and care of seawalls. Common terms were explained and representatives from several different companies attended the meeting, talking about both traditional and alternative methods to seawall repair. "When you talk about the repair of seawalls, it's big money," said MITA president Dr. Fay Biles. "With the seawall ordinance before City Council in early August, people are going to have to pay attention to their seawalls." "The city recognizes that after [...]

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Anchor Man – Marco inventor adapts seawall tie-back system to include boat mooring

By Quentin Roux Marco Eagle / Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Marco Island inventor and businessman Jim Timmerman broke a mold two years ago with his revolutionary seawall tie-back system. Now he's kicking up the technique a notch. He's adapted his basic idea to help boaters secure their boats when hurricanes pay unwelcome visits. Timmerman's original seawall system uses giant screws inserted hydraulically from the canal side of the wall — doing away with the traditional "dead man" system of excavation, trenching and time-consuming concrete pours. He introduced his Dynamic Seawall Maintenance Systems company in June of 2004, using what he described as knowledge that has been around for thousands of years. The screws are 16 feet long, weigh about 25 pounds each, and the shafts are typically an inch in diameter. At preset intervals, curved helixes "burrow" the tie-backs into the soil at the rate of about 3 inches per [...]

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Marco man’s innovation extends life of crumbling seawalls

By Jeremy Cox - Monday, February 6, 2006 When Jim Timmerman's concrete seawall started to crumble at his Marco Island home in 2002, he turned to the drawing board, not his checkbook, to solve the problem. The only way to fix the 80-foot-long wall, which had developed a gaping crack near the water line, was to replace it, a marine contractor had told him. That would have involved tearing up his well-manicured lawn and removing his dock and boat lift at a cost of $200,000, all told. "I felt there were other means available," Timmerman said. His solution: fastening the floundering panels to the shore with gigantic screws. The idea won him a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office — No. 6,908,258 — and gave the 46-year-old a second career. A little more than a year ago, Timmerman started his own company, Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System, which manufactures [...]

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Nancy J. Richie, Environmental Specialist – Marco Island Florida

"Thank you for supplying the information on your company's technology, the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System marine anchor. This system apparently functions to not only correct failing seawalls but ensures security to unimpaired seawalls with preventative support. After review of the· information, the materials and observing the DSMS anchor technology being installed, environmentally; this seawall maintenance system is very compatible to the sensitive waterway ecosystem within the City of Marco Island. In a community with over 100 miles of waterways with manmade sea walls on both sides, the DSMS system would be beneficial and a favorable method compared to traditional methods to maintain the seawall structures by not impacting the uplands, minimizing runoff of soils and pollutants protecting water quality. Thank you for the information." -- Nancy J. Richie, Environmental Specialist - Marco Island, Florida

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A. Rony Joel, Former Public Works Director City of Marco Island

“As the [former] Public Works Director for the City of Marco Island, Florida, I am constantly in search of new and innovative ways to help the citizens, community, and the City. Recently I have been introduced to a new system for maintaining seawalls, the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System…” -- A. Rony Joel, Former Public Works Director City of Marco Island

August 2nd, 2005|Categories: Testimonials|

Islander pioneers seawall repair system

Islander pioneers seawall repair system - By Brooke Huff When James Timmerman was told three years ago that his seawall was damaged beyond repair, he knew that something had to be done. As a retired Merchant Marine, he was familiar with salvage projects and knew that the same process he used in those projects for years could possibly work. Timmerman's seawall was the first seawall on Marco to be repaired using the new Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System (DSMS). Today, Timmerman and his system are credited with the repair of five seawalls. The DSMS patent has been in the works for nearly three years. Timmerman hopes that it will be approved by the end of April. Dynamic Seawall Maintenance Systems has been in operation for about a year. It has been presented and accepted by both Marco and Naples city officials. According to Timmerman, both city's officials loved the idea because [...]

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Marco Island man devises solution for slipping sea walls

By QUENTIN ROUX, Staff WriterJune 30, 2004 Deteriorating sea walls have become an all-too-real problem for Marco Island waterfront dwellers. The island has about 200 miles of manmade canals, constructed during The Deltona Corp.'s pioneering efforts in the mid-'60s. That era saw what would be regarded as one of the biggest earth-moving exercises in North American history. For owners with the now-aging walls, the choice is ongoing maintenance or ultimate replacement at a cost of about $250 per linear foot. Until now, maintenance options have been largely confined to the "tieback" method, which involves excavation, trenching and a concrete pour that is time-consuming and can be disruptive for owners. But Islander Jim Timmerman believes he has patented the perfect alternative to traditional tie-back maintenance. He has developed a technique he calls the Dynamic Seawall Maintenance System, using knowledge he says has been around for thousands of years. "It's basically one [...]

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